There is no fresh water on Gili Meno island. As a standard all places use well water for guests.  Recently a desalination plant has opened which provides some of the island properties with water. Unfortunately Shack 58 and Bamboo house have not been linked to the system, we need to organise to get fresh water delivered by small boat to the island. This water delivery service is delivered in rotation and it is organised by the boat corporation.  This is not always reliable and can wait for days for delivery. Fresh water delivery is very limited and extremely expensive, we ask all guests to respect these facts and to please use these resources sparingly.

On rare occasions fresh water cannot be delivered due to a system fault in Lombok or the ocean being to rough for the boat to navigate over the reef directly in front of the property - it this unfortunately can happen  guest for 58 & bamboo house using the beachfront facilities will need to use the cold well water showers. This water is a little brackish and cold - but it is the only form of water supply for 90% of the island.


The island has only had electricity since 2004 and is is only very recently that there is a 24 hour supply.  In 2012 the government connected the island by and underwater cable to a new power grid on Lombok.  This power supply can be erratic.  When it goes out it goes out! When the island is very busy the grid can get overloaded and the power will automatically go out without warning. Power outages are a feature of island life.

Electricity runs our water pumps so during an outage you will have to shower using the traditional Indonesian way of showering with the scoop and bucket which is in your bathroom.

We DO NOT HAVE A GENERATOR on the property  and do not make apologies for power outages. This is part of island life  - we have elected not to have a generator on property, we have emergency lighting that will automatically come on with outages.  This place is intended as a place to disengage - If you are going to get upset about the occasional power outage when the government supply gets turned off - Gili Meno - a small island with little to no infrastructure is definitely not the place you should be visiting.

Please do not book with us if you are going to get upset about the occasional electricity outage.