There are no phone lines in the North of Gili Meno. There is mobile connection so your phone if roaming or if you have a local sim card will work on Gili Meno.

We deliberately have no WIFI at the Shacks. There is internet at the local cafe about 80 m away and various restaurants offer WIFI along the beach.  The internet is very erratic and has very low speeds.  We recommend for just checking email - not for uploading pictures or movies or any large file transfers you will just get upset as it just is not good for anything like that - due to the service delivery which is inconsistent -  for this  reason we don't offer it to guests as generally the expectation of foreigners is way higher than what is available with local infrastructure and it avoids any problems with unhappy guests with bad internet.

If you have an urgent work email  -  all networks roam and seem to have better connection than the local one - just get your office to set up International internet  to work locally on your smartphone if being connected is priority.  If it is for FB or social media - my suggestion is to disengage and live in the NOW you can fill your friends in our your holiday on your return. :-)