Gili Meno is a small community of about 500 local people. Most of the local community were originally fishermen.  Tourism has slowly been creeping onto the island and the community has become involved in various projects around tourism. In the last 4 years they has been almost an insane level of development and building with things popping up around the island on a daily basis.

Our team is made up of staff members who work between the properties.  Please remember our staff are Indonesian and their first language is SASAK - Indonesian.  As a result of very limited education available on the island most of the elder population are illiterate.  Please do not assume our staff will speak or understand whatever language you speak. Our staff speak limited English and some are learning slowly. There is not form of high school on the island and most of our staff attended school till they were about 12 year old, so if one's  expectation of our staff to have a fluent 2nd language please lower your expectations. Some of our staff don't read or write, however it does not mean they don't do a great job - it just means they will not necessarily engage with you if you are not fluent in their language.  A SMILE goes a long way and we try to employ local staff from the island and we work within these limitations.

It saddens us when  we  see people write reviews about their stay in Indonesia and the first comment is they staff do not speak English! We find it shocking that generally in some remote places, tourist would be expecting bilingual staff when basics like roads and running water  and schools aren't even in place. I travel extensively in for example when in most parts of Europe the expectation is the language of the country or buy a phrase book. Imagine traveling to France and then complaining the French don't speak English - so why Indonesia be any different :-)